The IPA is delighted to announce the introduction of a new Team event that will be played on the weekend before the 2024 IPA World Championships – The World Team Trophy

16 Nations from around the world will compete in the inaugural edition in February 2024, vying to become the first winners and be called World Team Trophy Champions.

Played in a ‘world cup’ style format, the top 2 in each of the 4 groups will progress to the single elimination stage. Those Countries that fail to qualify, will still have plenty to play for in the World Team Trophy Plate event

It will also give those players who attend, the opportunity to take part in the most prestigious event on the pool calendar – the IPA World Championships.

Full details to be released in the coming weeks

The World Team Trophy is the second part of the IPA’s collaboration with its overseas colleagues, building on the success of the IPA World Leagues.

For more information, please contact the IPA at