How the rankings work and becoming Professional

Professional status

In order to become a Professional player, you must finish in the top 16 in the Amateur ranking list, after the final Tour event has been completed in the Isle of Man

If you reach the top 16, the IPA Secretary will contact you by the 30th November, and ask if you wish to become a Professional player. All players that wish to take up the status will be nominated at the following AGM and voted in by the current Professional players. It is at this point you are deemed to be Professional – not before. Your Pro status takes effect from Tour 1 and not at the World Championships.

It is optional as to whether you want to become Professional (assuming you are in the top 16) – we don’t ‘force’ anyone to do it, what we are trying to create is a series of Professional, televised events, so that you would not dare turn down the opportunity.


The system works on 2 years rolling ranking points list.

At the end of each event, the player with the most ranking points is the Number 1 ranked player for the next event. This is based on the last 2 years points accumulated. 

When we start the new year at Tour 1, the points gained from the same event 2 years ago are removed, and the new points gained are added. This continues throughout the year.

In the following example, Gareth has 30 points in total for the 2 years, of which 20 were gained in 2018, and 10 of those were accumulated from Tour 1.

He gained 4 points in the 2020 event, so these are added to his total and the 10 points from 2018 are removed, giving a new running total of 24 points. A second example is included for Neil Raybone. He had 25 points in total, then loses 2 points and gains 8 points, giving a new running total of 31 points, and he would therefore be the number 1 seed for the next event.

 2018 Total2019 TotalTotal 2020(Event 1)New Total
Gareth Hibbott 20 (10)1030424
Neil Raybone 10 (2) 1525 831

The ranking point structure is the same for all events, and is as follows:

R Up20
Last 1610
Last 328
Last 646
Last 1284
Round 22
Round 11