Pickers Picks

Our resident expert Marc ‘Pickers’ Pickworth gives us his views on who is winning each match in this years Sporty Stuff TV Champions Cup, which is shown exclusively live on Sporty Stuff TV.

Here are his picks for this weeks matches.

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10th July 2:30pm

Odds To win the Tournament:
Ross Fernie 5/1, Gareth Hibbott 2/1, Mark Boyle 2/1, Ronan McCarthy 3/1

Match 1: Ross Fernie – 11/8 v Gareth Hibbott – 8/15

Pickers Picks – Gareth Hibbott

Ross Fernie is the outsider for this tournament but let’s not forget he knocked out the number one seeded player in Liam Dunster, and the performances he’s put in means he he fully deserves his place in the final four. Gareth is a very experienced professional player and has knocked out the current World Champion on his way here, but both these players play fluently and I won’t be surprised if this goes the distance. The only reason I’ve chosen Gareth is due to his extra experience in these big staged matches.

Match 2: Mark Boyle – 8/13 v Ronan McCarthy – 6/5

Pickers Picks – Ronan McCarthy

This has the potential to be the tie of the whole tournament and both these players are World class, and we will definitely see some of the best pattern play from both of them. This match could be decided by the break and even though Mark probably has the better one, I think that Ronan has the better overall game. From what I’ve seen of both of these players throughout this tournament I have been more impressed by Ronan’s ability to deal with this high-pressured atmosphere. This will certainly be a very close match, and I am calling it 7-5 either way, though I would expect whoever wins this will go on to win the whole tournament.

Pickers Picks to win the Champions Cup: – Ronan McCarthy

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