Pro Series draw and review

on 2nd May 2021

IPA and SportyStuffTV Announce new TV Channel partnership

on 16th April 2021

PPV Event details featuring Jimmy White

on 4th April 2021

2021 IPA Tour – Revised details announced

on 3rd March 2021

IPA extends contracts with Strachan & Saluc

on 5th February 2021

Events Update

on 22nd January 2021

2021 IPA World Championships – Rescheduled

on 5th January 2021

New clothing Partner comes “Onboard”

on 15th November 2020

2021 IPA World Championships announced

on 20th August 2020

2021 IPA Tour details announced

on 20th August 2020

2020 Events Update

on 20th August 2020

Racker – Contract extension

on 7th March 2020