Get Cued Up With Our NFT Collection

We are thrilled to announce that everything is now ready for the launch of the first 200 NFTs of our collection today –  Friday 27 May at 11 am during the IPA TOUR 2 – BRADFORD. The special launch price is £50, so mark your calendars and go to before the table is cleared.

But… Why should you have an NFT?

In our previous newsletter, we explained what an NFT is. But if you still have doubts about the advantages it has for you, here we outline it.

NFTs can certainly be more than meets the eye. While they are often sought after to turn quick profits, NFTs offer long-term investment opportunities. Passive income and portfolio diversification are excellent incentives to consider buying some sweet NFTs, especially as inflation continues to creep into everyone’s purchasing power.

NFTs also have utility in sport, such as bringing fans closer to their favourite teams or players and creating community engagement.


And what are the Benefits of our NFT collection…?

The IPA NFT is much more than a token that you can buy and sell. In addition to being a unique and unrepeatable piece of digital art, it gives you the following benefits:

-Enter a draw to win a free ticket to the IPA TOUR 3 – COVENTRY

-Enjoy special activations at the IPA events thanks to the Fayre app

-More sweet treats will be announced soon

Buying one of our NFTs is easy, as you don’t need complex crypto wallets. Just enter your email address on Fayre and follow the simple instructions. The best thing is that you can pay directly with your debit/credit card.

It’s that easy and safe – so what are you waiting for?

Head over to for all the details and your opportunity to own an exclusive IPA NFT