The IPA are delighted to announce an extension to the current partnership with our official cloth partner Strachan for a further 2 years to the end of 2022. This will result in all IPA events continuing to be being played on the superb Strachan 861 powder blue cloth made by Simonis, which has transformed the world of Blackball over the last few years with its superior playability, modern cool look, and length of life at a high level.

In addition, the IPA has also extended its current contract with Saluc, the manufacturers of the Aramith Pro Cup balls, which are simply the best pool balls available. All IPA events up to the end of 2022 will feature the Pro Cup balls which are generally accepted as the highest quality product available, with the Aramith brand having the well-deserved reputation of industry leader.

IPA Chairman Kevin Barton said “We are absolutely delighted to continue our relationship with both the Strachan and Aramith brands via the Iwan Simonis group, which are without doubt the best products available, ensuring that the IPA players continue to play in the premier events and with the best equipment possible. The IPA continues to be the driving force for the sport and we are humbled to have the support of such a successful global organisation”

Group Commercial Director Bernard Bollette commented “At the level reached by the IPA events, only the best conditions are acceptable. This can only be achieved using Strachan 861 cloth and Aramith Pro Cup balls. The IPA players deserve these materials and conditions. Our Group is delighted to partner with the IPA for a further 2 years to the end of 2022.

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