An exciting new era begins on the 27th May with the exclusive launch of the new range of IPA NFT’s

NFTs are opening up new opportunities in the sports industry, as they are a great way for fans to engage with their favourite teams. Thanks to our recent partnership with Fayre, an NFT marketplace and community for brands and fans, we are creating an NFT collection based on 800 unique designs of billiard balls.

The first 200 NFTs will be released at 11am on the 27th May during the IPA TOUR 2 – BRADFORD and will have a special launch price, and all those who buy one of the NFT’s, will go into a prize draw, with the winner receiving free entry into the next IPA Tour event or Tour event of their choice (this includes those who have already paid for the next Tour)

But, what is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Each NFT represents the ownership of a unique piece of digital property as a token. These tokens exist on and are secured by a blockchain to be resilient against theft or copy attempts. There are no two NFTs that are exact equals of another. Even if 100% of one NFTs’ contents are copied into another, it will never be original.

The IPA NFT is much more than a token that you can buy and sell. In addition to being a unique and unrepeatable piece of digital art, our token will bring added value to its holders, making the experience more enriching. Further details will be announced next week.

How to buy our NFT?

  1. Go to, create a Fayre Wallet by entering your email (you will then be sent a link to sign up).
  2. Choose (mint) your IPA NFT. 
  3. Find your IPA NFT in your Fayre Wallet and enjoy the benefits it offers you.

Do you want to clean the NFT table? Mark your calendar for the next drop and stay tuned for more news.

For more information go to