Bitcoin SV headline sponsor of Pool Premier League live on FreeSports

The International Professional Pool Association (IPA) have agreed a sponsorship package with Bitcoin SV enthusiast and promoter, Calvin Ayre, for their upcoming Bitcoin SV Premier League live at: Freeview 64, Sky 422, Virgin 553.

BSV is the only coin with a blockchain that significantly scales (now), has robust utility (now), and is committed to a set-in-stone protocol for developers to build on. BSV is also the only coin that adheres to the original Bitcoin white paper. In short, BSV is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV Premier League

  • Monday’s 7.00pm – 10.30pm live on FreeSports (from August 5th)
  • Over 50 hours prime time TV coverage
  • 15 weeks continuous coverage
  • Player prize money paid in Bitcoin SV

Kevin Barton, Chairman of the IPA, commented: “Pool is one of the World’s only truly global sports, and it’s great to have a new sponsor on-board who are a ground-breaker in financial technology. I am on a steep learning curve at the moment but the world of Bitcoin SV is fascinating.”

Calvin Ayre, founder of CoinGeek, a Bitcoin SV news portal and mining venture, added: “This is huge opportunity to get the BSV message out in front of a mass audience, and as a person who’s visited the odd bar over the years, I’m looking forward to watching how pool should really be played.”

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