Players Logos Advice

This guidance relates to BBC events only i.e. Tour events

Following on from the issues that we had regarding player logos, in particular the large logos on the back of player shirts (at the final Tour of 2019), we wanted to issue some advice for 2020.

The issue is very subjective so no specific rules can be given, however we do recommend the following guidelines:
• Players should avoid ‘large’ logos on the back of playing tops (BBC terminology, not ours)
• Web addresses are not permitted on the back of playing tops
• Logos on the fronts of shirts should be of a ‘suitable’ size – we suggest no larger than 100mm x 80mm

A ‘large’ logo is of course a very vague description, however if players wish to have a large logo on their tops, then they will not be allowed to play on the stream table if deemed unacceptable by the BBC. We would expect players to have a suitable replacement top to hand if this was the case.

Thank you for your understanding.

For further information, please contact the IPA Secretary Marc Pickworth at