IPA Tour 2023

Welcome to the home page for the 2023 IPA Tour, which, after a fantastic 2022 season, is back, bigger and better than ever. Thanks to the solid business model the IPA is built on we are able to continue to offer unrivalled value, entertainment, in fantastic locations, and together with the sport leading live coverage, it promises to be one not to miss.

With a whopping £10,000 to the Grand Final winner and £3,000 to the Amateur Grand Final winner, it will see around £170,000 in prize money in total!

And we are delighted to announce that the Grand Final weekend in the Isle of Man, is now being extended to start on Wednesday 15th November, and will incorporate additional events (with added prize money) plus a poker event to be staged at the on site casino. The additional events include a 3 person and doubles which both come with added prize money. There will also be daily flyers. For players who are unable to make the earlier dates – no need to worry – the main Tour events will all be as per the usual schedule.

So if you want to test yourself against the very best, here are all the details you need to know.

Entry fees for the main Tour:

Professionals – £1,100
Amateurs – £590
Juniors – £380

Payment structure:

Deposit*2nd Installment 3rd Installment 4th InstallmentTotal
Paid byTour 1Tour 2Tour 3
Juniors (U18)£150£130£100£380

* Non refundable
Entry is for all 5 Tours. Places are not exchangeable.

Individual event entry is £140 per Tour – this gives entry into the Open and Amateur events. Players who enter individual events are not required to stay at the venue hotel.


2023 sees a slight change to the formats, which will now be as follows:

  • Professional event – longer races
  • Amateur event – Double elimination
  • Open event – Single elimination (Pro seeds come in at the Last 128)
  • Ladies Tour – will replicate the above (new Ladies Elite section created)

Hotel Booking

Players have to stay at the venue hotel.

Is on a first come first served basis. An overflow venue may be used if venue hotel does not have capacity. Bookings should be made through the IPA shop no later than 3 weeks before the start of the event.
Players are not allowed to book the venue Hotel without going through the IPA shop. Any players who contravene this or who allow players to share their rooms without booking through the proper channels will be immediately dismissed from the Tour and all future IPA events.
Bookings cannot be changed once paid for nor refunded unless in exceptional circumstances.


Room rates for 2022 are:
Single – £75pp (inc breakfast)
Twin/Double – £49pp (inc breakfast)
Triple rooms are sometimes available depending on the venue – please contact IPA Tournament Official Bronnie Ward at hotels@ipapool.com for information on this and all hotel related matters.

The draws and schedules are usually available online around 10 days before the event. If you have an issue with your match times you should contact the Tournament Director as soon as possible at td@ipapool.com Where possible we will try to accommodate a later start time in exceptional circumstances but cannot be guaranteed.
IPA Tours are 3 full days of action – you should be prepared for early starts on Fridays.
IPA Tour events generally start on Friday at 10am, and finish on the Sunday around 9pm. Matches will commence earlier than advertised where possible. Listen out for announcements at the events.

Prize funds
We aim to pay out 7 days from the completion of the event. All payments are by Bank transfer so it is down to you to ensure we have your details in order to pay you.

TOURS 1-4OpenProAmateur
Runner Up£1,400£2,000£1,000
Semi Finalist£600£800£400
Quarter Finalist£300£400£150
Last 16£150£150£100
Last 32£50£50

TOUR 5OpenProAmateur
Runner Up£1,400£4,000£1,500
Semi Finalist£600£1,500£800
Quarter Finalist£300£700£300
Last 16£150£250£150
Last 32£50£50

Polo Tops
These will not be provided unlike previous years. Official playing tops can be ordered through the official provider Onboard Sportswear www.onboardsportswear.com and orders should be placed before the 31st January 2023 in order to receive your top at the 1st Tour. Any player not wearing an IPA logo on their polo top will have to forfeit their match.
If players are wearing their own tops, the IPA logo must be displayed on either breast side.
Personal sponsor logos are allowed up to a maximum of 4 logos. However personal logos that are in conflict with IPA sponsors/partners, will not be permitted to be worn on the live stream table/interviews etc.

Need the IPA logo – download at https://ipapool.com/ipa-logos/

Tablet Scoring
The IPA uses a system of live scoring via tablets, which are located adjacent to each table. It is imperative that these are updated immediately after a frame has finished. Deliberate failure to do so will result in possible disciplinary action.

Standards of behaviour
The IPA is the premier place for pool, and our events are held in the highest regard. We expect all players to conduct themselves appropriately at all times, especially during matches. Bad behaviour will be severely dealt with, through either a fine, or suspension from the Tour.
Players are also asked to make note of the rules regarding betting which can be found on the IPA website at http://ipapool.com/player-betting-rules/

Pro Cup balls, and Strachan 861 cloth are often available at each of the Tour events. Speak to one of the IPA Team for more details or email us at kevinbarton@ipapool.com

Social Media
We do ask players to share all posts that we put out on the IPA Facebook page. It only takes a second and can provide huge benefits to the IPA in terms of increased awareness, higher profile etc, which makes us more attractive to potential sponsors.

Got a question….? Ask our Players Representative – Dan Davy at playersrep@ipapool.com

Our aim is make your IPA weekend one to remember. If you think we can improve it, please let us know.