The IPA has worked for many years to develop the Ladies game. In 2023 the IPA Ladies section set up will be moved in line with other IPA Sections.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Inaugural Elite Ladies IPA Section in 2023. The IPA Ladies Section will consist of 8 Elite Ladies and 40 Amateur Ladies

The Ladies Tour will be made up of a Ladies Elite event, a Ladies Open Event and a Ladies Amateur event as part of the IPA Tour stops of 2023.

Those invited to Elite Status will be seeded into the Open as well as playing in an exclusive Elite Ladies Event.

All Amateur Ladies will be drawn into the Ladies Open Event as well as playing in the Amateur Event.

The Ladies event is a bespoke ladies event and all tour ladies will be expected to attend all 5 events.  Elite Ladies are not permitted to play in the Amateur event.

Junior Ladies (under 18) are also very much welcome to sign up for the Ladies Tour, or why not enter one of the events and sample the experience of an IPA event

When spaces become available single entries will be accepted.

It is planned that every ladies final will be live streamed to the ever increasing IPA audience from all over the world – watch out for exciting details coming In the next few weeks about our live streaming plans- they are not to be missed.

A 2 year rolling ranking system will commence as the Elite ladies section develops and grows, whilst the Amateur Ladies rankings will be a 1 year list. A relegation / promotion system will be used to determine Elite status for 2024. At the end of the season the top 4 Ladies Amateurs will be invited to join the Elite Ladies.

With places available for 2023, to secure your chance to play at the highest level please pay a £100 non refundable deposit via the IPA shop and email Viv Ruscoe , the IPA Ladies Representative with your details and any questions to

Ladies paying deposit before the 30th November 2022 will receive a 10% discount on all hotel booking for 2023 – which Is currently valid until the end of November 2022, using the code 2023hotels10

Look out for the IPA Ladies Group on facebook. As any more information becomes available it will be posted on social media as well as the IPA website.

Make sure you are part of the growth of the IPA Ladies Section – increased coverage of the ladies game at this level can only strengthen the resolve to become recognised as Lady Professionals securing the future of the ladies game.

Entry Fees

Deposit*2nd Installment 3rd InstallmentTotal
Paid by(31/12/22)Tour 1Tour 2
Elite Ladies£100£250£150£500
Amateur Ladies£100£150£125£375


Prize Funds

TOURS 1-4Elite LadiesLadies OpenLadies Amateur
Runner Up£300£300£200
Semi Finalist£150£100£100
Quarter Finalist£50£50
Last 16£25
TOUR 5Elite LadiesLadies OpenLadies Amateur
Runner Up£500£300£400
Semi Finalist£200£100£200
Quarter Finalist£50£100
Last 16£25

At each tour the format for the Ladies event will be as follows:

ELITE LADIES – Single Elimination Race to 7

OPEN LADIES – Single Elimination Race to 6

AMATEUR LADIES – Double Elimination Race to 5/4

General Rules



We live in a society that promotes free speech and freedom of expression; it is generally expected that persons playing sport at a professional level should reflect the values of the society it represents.

Anything that you post is public and visible so you must be responsible in what you post.

Social networking is monitored and you may fall foul of the Members Rules if you act outside these guidelines.