We are delighted to launch the 2023 IPA Ladies Tour, which will feature new formats as well as increased prize monies

We will also see the creation of the Elite Ladies, as they continue their journey to establishing the first Ladies Professional set up

IPA Chairman Kevin Barton commented ” This is a very exciting time for the IPA Ladies as we continue to build on the great work that has taken place over the last few years. With the new innovative formats that will ensure that all players are competing in the right tournaments, therefore giving them increased chances of taking home prize money from the increased prize fund”

Ladies Players Representative Viv Ruscoe added ” It has long been my dream to see the Ladies game recognised at the top levels – these are exciting times for Ladies pool in 2023. The IPA are leading the way once more by launching the first ever Ladies Elite Section and bringing the Ladies game in line with the Men’s section by mirroring the established formats across the board. The new format offers the Ladies at all levels a unique platform to promote their game and a structure to allow them to progress whilst at the same time offering players of all levels the opportunity to experience a professional set up and unrivalled atmosphere. Every lady pool player is welcome to be part of this new exciting historic move by the IPA and be part of the IPA journey – I can’t recommend it enough. The Ladies Tour is not to be missed”


All the details for the 2023 IPA Ladies Tour can be found at https://ipapool.com/2023-ipa-ladies-tour/