Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing is an exciting “one frame shootout” used by the IPA for select special tournaments.

It’s brutal, it’s exciting. It is sudden death,

All the players participating go, literally, in to a hat. Two names are drawn out. They lag for the break and play ONE frame of pool. The winner goes back in the hat and the loser is eliminated.

Play continues with two more names drawn out. This continues until there is just the “last man standing”.

It is possible for a player to be drawn out more than once. It is also possible that a “weaker” player may survive many players without even having to play a frame.

The only other rule is that if the player breaking performs a break and dish then the second player has the “right to reply” – meaning they can have a go at breaking and dishing themselves.

In this last man event from 2015 (below) at 2hrs 24 minutes, Clint I’Anson and Gareth Hibbott played the same frame FIVE times.

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