Due to the volume of enquiries the IPA are receiving from members and interested members of the public, we are now trialling a ticketing system to deal with enquiries.

  1. Enquiries will be passed to the relevant department/person for a more efficient response
  2. Not all members of the committee can answer all questions that are asked, for example, only a select few have access to the bank accounts.
  3. Enquiries cannot be missed. All enquiries remain “open” until they have been dealt with
  4. We can quickly and easily direct people to areas of the website with the information they require
If you have been sent to this page because you sent a private Facebook message or email to a committee member directly then please still use the ticketing system. We need to be able to monitor ALL enquires in to our organisation. We also need to be able to assess our performance in responding and this facility meets that need.

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