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Founded in 1923, Saluc started as a chemical industry specialised in tannery products, but converted after 1950 to billiards balls. Today, Saluc produces and distributes billiard balls under the registered trademark Aramith in more than 85 countries, and has a marketshare of 80 % worldwide.

The company is also specialised in the production of industrial balls used in all kind of applications, as well as in 9 pin bowling balls and trackballs. The exportation represents 98% of its activity.

One of the major strengths of the company is its upstream integration : Saluc has its own chemical plant, to produce the phenolic resin which gives the exceptionnal characteristics to the finished products. This integration allows the price optimization and quality insurance.

05/2012 – The best products come together ! In 2012, IWAN SIMONIS, world leader in the manufacture of billiard cloth, and ARAMITH, world leader in the manufacture of ARAMITH billiard balls merged.

The union of these two complementary Belgian products – loved by amateur and professional billiards players the world over and sanctioned by the majority of the championships and tournament organizers worldwide -will help to reinforce the promotion on the international level of these two globally reputed and high-quality billiard products: the IWAN SIMONIS cloth and the ARAMITH balls.

01/2016 – Peltzer & Fils Group, owner of Iwan Simonis S.A. and Saluc S.A. is delighted to announce that WSP Textiles Limited, England and its STRACHAN™ and PLAYNE™ brands has joined the Group. Iwan Simonis is the leading manufacturer of the SIMONIS™ premium quality worsted billiard cloth and Saluc S.A., home of the famous ARAMITH™ balls, is the global leader in the production of true phenolic billiard balls.

WSP Textiles is the leading manufacturer of premium quality billiard and tennis ball cloth. Based at Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, WSP has been making billiard and tennis ball cloth for over a hundred years. Its STRACHAN™ range of traditional snooker and English pool cloth is used at various high profile tournaments including the recent Dafabet Masters 2016 (World Snooker) and its PLAYNE™ tennis ball cloth range is the choice of the majority of leading manufacturers and brands in the tennis industry including the current Australian Open.

This new partnership with WSP enables a diversification of the Group activities by taking a leading position in the tennis ball cloth market. In billiard this combination of high quality iconic brands and products SIMONIS™, ARAMITH™ and STRACHAN™ makes our Group to be the partner of choice for cue sport federations, distributors, retailers and players and will create new opportunities to further develop the business.

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