Ranking Details

Welcome to the home page for the Rankings for the IPA.

There are 2 ranking lists:

  1. The Professional    -  Latest Pro Rankings                 
  2. The Amateur          -  Latest Amateur Rankings           

Finish in the top 16 of the Amateur rankings to be able to apply for Professional status. Points are gained from a combination of the following:

Professionals - World Championships, World Series, Pro events & Tour (Open)events

Amateurs - Tour (Open) events and Amateur events

Tour (Open) rankings have been discarded from 2017

The ranking point structure is as follows:

Winner                    25pts

R-up                       20pts

Semi finalist           16pts

Quarter finalist       14pts

Last 16                   10pts

Last 32                   8pts

Last 64                   6 pts

Last 128                 4pts

Last 256                 2 pts (Amateur event only)

Group stages 2     2 pts (Open only)

Group stages 1      1 pt (Open only)

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