eng England
2017, 2018

Name: Steve Thompson

Nickname: Snakey

Home Town: Hartlepool

First memory of playing pool: At seaside amusements aged about 7

What/who inspired you to play pool: Grandad and uncle played in local league

Cue details: Mastercue, Ash, 8.2mm tip, used for around 7 years.

Years a Pro: 2

Best victory & why: Nations Cup 2017 Singles Winner – stayed consistent over several days which is unusual for me!

Most feared opponent & why: Fear no-one!

Ambitions in the sport: Do the best I can in every tournament. Winning the worlds would be handy too!

Advice to any up and coming players: Play as much as possible and work more on the areas of the game you struggle with.

Why the IPA? Events are run to a high standard in quality venues. The IPA is always moving the game forward as well as improving events and sponsorship.

Football Team: Sunderland

Sporting hero: Roger Federer

Singer/Band: Killers

Describe yourself in 3 words: Ambitious, Passionate, Messy

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