eng England

Name: Sean Bates


Home Town: Derby

First Memory of Playing Pool: Age 3 stood on a bar stool so I could reach the table on holiday.

Whom/What inspired you to play pool: Growing up watching my dada and older brothers play

Cue Details ie. wood type, tip size, how long have you had it etc: Peradon Royal, 8.5mm tip. Had it since I was 16.

How many years have you been a professional: Debut season

Best victory and why: Beat Darren Appleton at the World Championships.

Most feared opponent and why: Don't fear anyone - the stronger the opponent the more I enjoy it

What are your ambitions in the sport: To keep progressing in the Pro ranks

Advice to any up and coming players: Keep practicing and play people better than yourself

Why the IPA: Best players, good venues, well run

Football Team: Derby County

Sporting Hero: Michael Owen

Music: Anything really

Describe yourself in 3 words: Calm, friendly, lazy

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