sco Scotland
2014 Total
2015 Pro
2015 Tour
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Name – Paul Harkness
Nickname – Diego
Home town – Dumfries
First memory of playing pool -played for local pub team was 16 years old
Who inspired you to play pool – nobody
Cue – had a craftsman cue 9.5mm for 20 odd years changed to cuecraft 7.5mm about 5 months ago
Best victory and why -probably beating Jayson Shaw in a Scottish tour final 6-5 as he was winning everything at the time sure he won the BB worlds about then as well.
Why the IPA – if it wasn’t for the IPA I don’t think I’d be playing any more. The best players and the best rules this is the place to be.
Kev Barton and his team are doing a great job the IPA can only get bigger and better
Football team – Celtic
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