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2015 Pro
2015 Tour
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Name Marc Pickworth Nickname
Wayne Bristow presenting Marc with his "most imporved player" award at the Annual IPA awards dinner.

Wayne Bristow presenting Marc with his "most improved player" award at the Annual IPA awards dinner.

Tiny Assassin Home Town Skegness First memory of playing pool First memory came when I was 24 and was asked to play for a local team to which I was reserve most weeks for the first year but got playing regular with this team the following year to which we was very successful locally for a number of years. Who Inspired you to play pool I was inspired to play pool by my best mate Brett Linaker because of the way he led his local team and was always extremely tough to beat, even to this day his passion to win every frame is always inspirational. I have always been a snooker player and never seen the point of playing pool cause I always thought it was to easy to play to which I know today it is not easy and can have very tough times! Cue Got a right piece of firewood but always liked the feel of it so never cared about getting a top notch cue. It's never been mine cause it was borrowed of a friend years ago. It has a 9mm elk master tip Years a pro Turned pro in 2014 Best victory to date Had some great victories on the tour against other top pro's Pool Moment to date Felt really honoured to even be nominated for IPA most improved player 2014 never mind winning the award. Winning a award like this with the quality of players on our tour just makes me want even more Most feared player Never feared anyone, just love competing Ambitions To win any ipa event, if you win any of these events you have beaten some top quality players on the way. Advice to any up and coming players Keep at it and keep playing better players. The results will come if you work hard. Why the IPA This is a group that believes in this sport and Kev and his team have some great visions to improve pool for the players. I'm sure one day this team will succeed and get what they set out to do from the beginning and make this game more recognised in the sporting world. This pool group has the best leaders, best players and the best rules. Football Team Manchester United Music Dance Sporting hero's Phil Taylor and Stephen hendry 3 words describing me Competitive, little, confident