wal Wales
2016, 2017
Name Luke Sanges Nickname Saucepan Home Town Newport Gwent First memory of playing pool? When i was a little kid down the local pub What/who inspired you to play pool Watching the Selby/Appleton World final on sky Cue (details – eg wood type, tip size, how long you have had it) Master cue 9.5mm tip around 4 years Years a Pro Debut Best victory & why Junior world champion & because it proves you're the best in the business in that category Most feared opponent & why No one if you go into any match fearing somebody you've already lost Ambitions in the sport? World no1 & professional world champion Advice to any up and coming players? Practice hard and try and enter as many tournaments as possible. You only get out what you put in. Why the IPA? Because they have the best interests of the players and the place to play the worlds elite players Football Team? Man Utd Sporting hero? Phil Taylor just by his sheer drive to improve his game still at the age of 55 Singer/Band? Skepta Describe yourself in 3 words? Fearless, confident, determined