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2017, 2018

Name: Lee Wray

Nickname: Stingray

Hometown: Billingham

First memory of playing pool: My grandad used to meet me off the bus when going to visit him on weekends, the bus stop was right outside his local pub so we popped in for 20 mins, and told my nanna the bus was late,

What/who inspired you to play pool? My grandad Bob, like the pub after the bus scenario I started hitting the local clubs,

Cue details: I have a master cue 147, I got it in 2001 it’s been snapped twice and my good pool expert Stu Green has always managed to get it repaired, it’s approx 8.4mm tip, it’s had new ferrules, it’s got issues my cue but it’s doing me good, I also use it for snooker practice,

Years as a pro: 3

Best victory and why: Well in my first year black ball I entered county, we won our area and qualified to the national finals at Selesy, where, from in my mind, out of nowhere I managed to win and be the national champion 2016/2017, I played some players who then I never knew, and now I know them, realised how well I must of performed to win it ,

Most feared opponent and why: Tough question really, as for fear I don’t think I fear anyone, playing some of the top boys at the tours you start to realise if youre on you game then you can beat almost anyone, i suppose it’s me inside whether I can play how I know I can consistently to my full strengths

Ambitions in the sport: As you walk to the pool arena there is full size canvases of the top professionals that are on show, I believe you need to earn one of these canvases so my ambition is to be on one of them, along with playing at my full potential, and doing well in pool events,

Advice to any up and coming players: So many up and coming players around and are fearless, get in at as young as possible because seeing lads 16 years old is amazing they are winning money, it’s a great sport and they are keeping off the streets, when I was 16 I had no money but seeing young lads even playing money games earning a few quid, practice is so important with a good temperament. Got to keep your emotions inside, don’t be fist pumping shouting your head off, stay calm and smile,

Why the IPA: Blackball is more suitable for my kind of style and play, the IPA had been in my sights for about 2 years but never had the balls, but seeing how good and hard working everyone on the IPA is I decided to commit 100% and would never change,

Football team: Arsenal

Sporting hero: Bit of a popular one but I’d say Ronnie O’Sullivan, crazy game, crazy life and crazy character he’s amazing to watch,

Singer/band: Mike and the Mechanics are my fav band, and I love Meatloaf as a singer

Describe yourself in 3 words: Easy going, Mr nice, with OCD (that’s 6 Lee)

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