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Kristian phillips


Home Town
Neath Wales

First memory of playing pool?
I used to play a lot of snooker when I was young. My local club had a pool team on a Tuesday night and they were short one night. So they asked me to play and I broke and dished. Was instantly hooked!

What/who inspired you to play pool.

Winning  a snooker tournament in Pontins actually inspired me to play pool. The snooker and pool final were being played at the same time and I remember looking over at the pool table and seeing these 2 guys going at it dish for dish and thinking to myself how exciting the game looked. All I could think of on the journey home was how much I wanted to go and play pool.


I’ve had a few cues over the years. Had a Trevor white and a John parris. currently I’m using a cue endorsed by Ben Davies and made by cue craft. It’s one piece ash and about 8-8.5 mm. I was at a pool tournament and Ben showed me his range of cues. I picked up one and we instantly hit it off.

Years a Pro

This will be my third year as a pro. I broke my arm half way through my first season as a pro so not an ideal start to turning professional!
Best victory & why
I’ve had loads of great victories on the IPA beating the likes of Neil Raybone, Gareth Hibbott, Simon Ward and Jordan Shepherd.
For me though my best victory was against Jack Whelan in the final of the nation’s cup 2015.  Firstly because he is the current IPA world champion and one of the best money players in the world. Also it was the first international event I’ve ever won where, most importantly to me, I was representing my country Wales.
Most feared opponent & why

I don’t fear anybody on the table. Play the balls and not the player.

Ambitions in the sport?

Firstly I want to win my first IPA event. I have been beaten in two finals so really want to get that win. To win the world championships would be a dream come true and to finish ranked number 1 on the IPA would also be a massive achievement.

Advice to any up and coming players

Watch as much as you can. Never show your opponent you’re frustrated and always keep your facial expression the same. Some could say you couldn’t tell if I had won a match or just lost. Ha ha

Why the IPA?

Best rules. Best balls. Best tables. Best lights. The entire commitee work their socks off for the tour and a lot of it is behind the scenes which a lot of people don’t see and realise. Why would you want to play on another tour before this one?

Football Team

Manchester United.
20 times baby!
Sporting hero?

Stephen Hendry. His hunger for the game and desire to win every tournament he played in stands out compared to anyone one else in my opinion.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Determined. Loyal. Versatile.

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