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2015 Pro
2015 Tour
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Kevin Barton


the surgeon (although not for a few years)

Home Town


First memory of playing pool?

Getting detention playing pool at school when should have been in lessons

What/who inspired you to play pool

My good friend Andy Richardson took me to my first pool comp  in Manchester in the late 80’s.

Cue (details – eg wood type, tip size, how long you have had it)

very old  Burroughs and watts ash cue. 7.5mm tip. Had it for around 20 years.

Years a Pro

since 2006

Best victory & why

Beat Darren Appleton in his pomp 17-14. He was one of the best players at the time and to beat him over a long distance was a great achievement.

Most feared opponent & why

Don't fear any player – I love the challenge whoever the opponent is.

Ambitions in the sport?

Just to win a match these days. I'm more concerned with growing the IPA.

Advice to any up and coming players

Believe in your ability – we are not all like Ronnie O Sullivan.

Why the IPA?

So many reasons but ultimately the best place to play competitive pool who have the best interests of the players at its core

Football Team

the (not so) mighty Leeds United

Sporting hero?

Rafael Nadal


The jam, Embrace

Describe yourself in 3 words

Making a difference



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