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2017, 2018

Name: Jamie Clarke

Nickname: Kung Fu Panda/Jay

Hometown: Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire

First Memory Of Playing Pool: Had a small table for Christmas at 5 years old, but the first real memory of actually playing was when I was about 7 in our spare room, I’d play for hours in there.

Who Inspired Me To Play Pool: My Dad, watching him in local leagues & winning trophies, I wanted to do the same.

Cue: Britannia, 18.65 oz, 7.75mm tip. Thinking of having a new one made this year though, looking at various cue makers.

Years As A Pro – 3

Best Victory & Why – Scottish Open Last 128 a few years ago v Jamie Burnett (7-5) It was my 1st match on the streaming table on the IPA, playing a pro snooker player & I played solid to go 5-1 up, wobbled a bit, at 5-5 pulled a couple of good finishes out, it was the most comfortable I’ve felt playing on the tour, played some decent stuff & got a great buzz from it. Not far behind are various singles titles in local leagues.

Most Feared Opponent & Why: Craig Marsh, the guy is a machine when he’s in the zone, pulls out some ridiculous finishes, as can all the top pros to be fair.

Ambitions In The Sport: Inspire others to play the game, especially on the IPA Tour. Short term target is top 32, with progression season on season & the obvious one, become World Champion

Advice To Upcoming Players: Enjoy the game, practice hard, push the boundaries of your potential, and work on having good composure, that can be key… remember, anything is possible with hard work & dedication. A bit of coaching at a young age will also help.

Why The IPA: The IPA is re-inventing the game and employs the most entertaining rule set. So many top players on the tour means a great standard & always something to learn by watching the best.

Football Team: Leeds United

Sporting Hero: Jimmy White, growing up watching him in all those World Finals and not to win one was tough. Also had the pleasure of playing him.

Singer/Band: So many to choose from, I like a broad range of music but if I had to choose, it would probably have to be Kaiser Chiefs.

Describe Yourself In 3 Words: Determined, Fun, Lazy.

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