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Harry Irwin
First memory playing pool:
Down the pub after football every Sunday with the team while the Dads got drunk.
Who inspired me to play pool:
I inspired myself originally because I was better than all my mates so I just wanted to play all the time.
When I started playing a bit more serious it was Mark Selby. I used to just sit and watch him and wonder how he was so good.
Stamford Cue, ash shaft with ebony butt, 8.2mm tip.
I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.
Years a pro:
2012 was my first year as a pro.
Best victory & why:
Winning National u21 championships in 2009. It was the win I needed to give me the confidence to on and do well on the tour. Also beating Simon Ward in 2011 to guarantee turning professional for the following season.
Most feared opponent:
I don’t fear anyone.
Ambitions in the sport:
To be IPA World Champion and number one.
Advice to young and upcoming players:
Work hard and never give up. Let doubters inspire you.
Why the IPA:
Because it’s the best place to play English pool. Played to the best rule set with the best committee in place to take to game forward to where it should be.
Football team:
Manchester United
Sporting hero:
Conor McGregor
Describe yourself in 3 words:
Big Red Man
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