eng England
2016, 2017
Name: David Compton Nickname: George Home Town: South Shields First memory of playing pool?: 14 years ago in a £5 a man pool comp What/who inspired you to play pool: Bria Halcrow Cue: dynamite cue number 7, 7mm cue ash wood Years a Pro: First year this year Best victory & why: Micky Oliver in a challenge match for £11,000, which was at my home venue to make it even more special. Most feared opponent & why: Mark Farnsworth because the guy is an animal on the table Ambitions in the sport?: To win any event on IPA Advice to any up and coming players: practice as much as possible Why the IPA?: Best rules, best players Football Team: Newcastle United Sporting hero?: Alan shearer Singer/Band: Eminem Describe yourself in 3 words: ambitious,respectful,crazy