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Daniel Davy


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First memory of playing pool?

Roughly 7 years old playing in a place called the Tilehurst club, 40p per frame winner stays on, names on the board. Tough school as a kid when you lose and have to wait an hour for your next frame. When nobody was on the table I would keep the last ball on the table using a red for example to pot the white off the brown spot, replacing it each time, as many times as I could consecutively.  I think my record was roughly 30.

What/who inspired you to play pool    

I never really played pool comps or anything but would play snooker with a mate every Saturday for as long as we could afford and occasionally my mum would take me on a Wednesday but always snooker, never pool.

Berkshire then started a county youth team when i was 14 so i tried my luck, managed to win the trials, joined a pub team and starting playing competitions. I owe a lot to Matt Inglis, a pro and England A player himself at the time, i learned a lot from practicing with him and from the point of qualifying for the county side i started to enter competitions. Matt took me to all the tours/comps and it improved my game no end, a year later i won the national u18’s singles aged 15.

Cue (details – eg wood type, tip size, how long you have had it)

Master cue, not sure of the wood type and don’t care either. Tip size roughly 8mm, had it for 11 or 12 years now though I think I may be in need of a new one as it sounds like it’s going to split in half every time I play a shot.

The the wood is split slightly underneath the ferrule so I know it needs fixing but not got round to it yet. I also use the Jason Owen break cue which has a much larger tip, looks like a bigger cue though it is much lighter than you would imagine.

Years a Pro

This will be my third year as a pro, I’ve made a couple of semis and one final, which I lost to Clint I’Anson

Best victory & why

Darren Appleton when I was 16. I beat him 9-8 off of a level start in a £200 a man event. Mainly because of my age and it was the first time I had ever played anyone that I had seen play on TV. It was a big deal for me at the time as an up and coming player to play to my potential against him.

We both played very well, maybe one mistake each, he did have a kick on the black at 8-8 though, then put the butt of his cue through the wall! He made a joke out of it, literally 10 minutes later after he had calmed down.

Most feared opponent & why

I don’t fear anyone really, if you fear anyone you may as well not bother turning up.

Ambitions in the sport?

To win a TV event and be world champion.

Advice to any up and coming players      

Watch the very best players play. When I was at a tournament as a teenager I would find out who the best players were and make a point of sitting and watching them play, studying how they would take their finishes, body language, etc. These days you can always go on the IPA Youtube page.

Why the IPA?

The guys running it are in it for the right reasons who have made massive strides in the last few years, improving every single season and learning from any mistakes that are made.

Football Team  

Depends who is in my accumulator but I suppose Reading being my local side. I have probably seen them 50ish times over the years.

Sporting hero?

I can’t decide between Roger Federer and Muhammad Ali. Federer for the way he plays the game and his flair, best to watch by a mile. Ali for what he did for boxing and most importantly his charisma. I could, literally, listen to him speak all day.


Anything Cheesey really, 80’s and 90’s I guess.

Describe yourself in 3 words    

Sarcastic, lazy and bald.


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