wal Wales
2016, 2017
Name Curtis lee Home Town Abertillery First memory of playing pool? As a kid in the local with my uncle. What/who inspired you to play pool Going to Abergavenny open as a youngster. Cue (details – eg wood type, tip size, how long you have had it) Keith Hammant cue, 8.5 mm tip, 19oz, maple wood - just under two years Years a Pro 1st year Best achievement /victory & why My biggest achievements to date are getting to a IPA UK final and finishing top three in my first two seasons as a amateur. Most feared opponent & why. Myself Ambitions in the sport? To be a major tournament winner Advice to any up and coming players. Practice hard and don’t listen to the naysayers. Why the IPA? Why the IPA? I believe it’s the biggest and best pool tour in pool. Sporting hero? Evander Holyfield   Describe yourself in 3 words Hardwork on times.