yem Yemen

Name: Brian Halcrow

Nickname: Buzzer

Home Town: South Shields

First memory of playing pool? Getting Laughed at in a pub when I was 12

What/who inspired you to play pool: The people who laughed at me in the pub

Cue: Ash, 7mm, had it 32 years

Years a Pro: 2

Best victory & why: Marc Farnsworth 6-1, because he was world number 1 at the time

Most feared opponent & why: Don’t fear anybody, but respect them all

Ambitions in the sport? To be remembered as a tough nut to crack

Advice to any up and coming players: Listen to your peers, put in the time and effort and believe in yourself

Why the IPA? Because I believe its taking the game forward

Football Team: Newcastle United

Sporting hero? Freddy “The beard” Bentivenga

Singer/Band: Like all genre’s

Describe yourself in 3 words: Happy go lucky

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