eng England
2017, 2018

Name: Ben Rowland

Nickname: Bendover

Home Town: Abingdon

First memory of playing pool: My mum beating me in my local social club

What/who inspired you to play pool: Mum

Cue details: maple one piece, ebony with snake wood and maple slice, 8.3mm, Had about 7-8 months

Years a Pro:3

Best victory & why: Craig Marsh in last 64 of Welsh tour in Powys, I was 5-0 down and managed to real off 7 on the bounce to beat him 7-5, was good to perform in front of a good crowd as well towards the end.

Most feared opponent & why: I would say that I try not to fear any opponent as that can be a weakness and can force mistakes in your game, I try to treat everyone the same, at the level we play at everyone can beat everyone and it’s down to either the break or who has the run of the balls.

Ambitions in the sport: IPA World champion/#1 on the tour

Advice to any up and coming players: practice, stick at it everybody’s time comes

Why the IPA: Best tour on the planet simple

Football Team: Oxford united

Sporting hero: Anthony Joshua

Singer/Band: Skepta, Section Boyz

Describe yourself in 3 words: Happy, Hard working, Legend

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