wal Wales
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Ben Davies



Home Town


First memory of playing pool?

Standing on a box

What/who inspired you to play pool

My Dad

Cue (details – eg wood type, tip size, how long you have had it)

Dragon cue, ash-ebony butt with splicing, 7.5mm tip, had it for 15 years.

Years a Pro

12 years

Best victory & why

EUKPF world professional champion. Because this was my goal from the age of 11.

Most feared opponent & why

Nobody, they are all human.

Ambitions in the sport?

Get to number 1.

Advice to any up and coming players

Practise makes perfect, if you put in the effort you will reep the rewards.

Why the IPA?

Because it’s the best tour around, best conditions,best players,best rules and the future of the IPA looks bright.

Football Team

Man utd

Sporting hero?

Ronnie o sullivan (pure genius).


Ed sheeran.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Welsh potting machine.

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