Andrew Hughes
wal Wales
2015 Pro
2015 Tour
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Name :-

Andrew Hughes
Nickname :-


Home Town :-


First memory of playing pool? :-

playing in the local pub at a young age and beating all the adults

What/who inspired you to play pool :-

watching the snooker on TV  made me want to play  but there wasn’t anywhere I was allowed at a young age so I started playing pool at the sports centre and just went from there.

Cue (details – eg wood type, tip size, how long you have had it) :-

dragon cue 18.5 oz 7mm tip rosewood

Years a Pro :-

1 year

Best victory & why :-

Sebastian Ramier in the final of European singles 2008 because it was my first major tournament win.

Most feared opponent & why :-

I don’t fear anyone. I enjoy playing the best players

Ambitions in the sport? :-

Reach number 1 on IPA tour and  win IPA world singles

Advice to any up and coming players :-

Play your own game and enjoy it.

Why the IPA? :-

I have been on the IPA for three years and it’s growing all the time. The work put in is amazing and it’s where all the top players are at.

Football Team :-

Manchester United

Sporting hero? :-

Ronaldo because of his desire and determination to  be the best.

Describe yourself in 3 words :-

passionate , determined and fiery

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