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Name:  Alex O,Donoghue Nickname:  THE DON Home Town:  Swindon First memory of playing pool: Used to go to the pub at the weekend with my dad when I was 6/7 and I remember always having to use a stool to reach the table. What/who inspired you to play pool:  Watching Stephen Hendry as a kid inspired me to take up cue sports. Cue (details – eg wood type, tip size, how long you have had it):  Ash/ 9mm tip/ I've had it about 4years Years a Pro:  1 Best victory & why:  Beating Alex Higgins in the 6 Red world championships in Killarney. Although he was many years past his best it was great to play him as my parents had named me after him.  Most feared opponent & why: I don't fear any of my opponents, I j ust take each game as it comes and play to win. Ambitions in the sport:  Over the next few years I want to be winning tour events and eventually the big target is to win the IPA world championships. Advice to any up and coming players: Try and just enjoy the game, don't put to much pressure on yourself.  Why the IPA:  I joined the tour 2 years ago, the reason I chose the IPA is because I thought it was the only tour out there that could take the game forward, also blackball rules are far better to play and more enjoyable than world rules. Football Team:  Liverpool Sporting hero?  Stephen Hendry Singer/Band  Coldplay Describe yourself in 3 words  Stubborn, Passionate, Hot-headed