All of our professionals for the 2018 Season


engAidan Finch
walAndrew HughesAndrew Hughes
engAndrew McKie
engAndy Blurton
engAndy Lucas2018 IPA Seniors World Champion
walBen Davies2017 UK Professional Champion, 2018 IPA World Champion
engBen Rowland
yemBrian Halcrow
engClint I’Anson2014 English Professional Champion, 2015 Scottish Open Champion, 2015 Welsh Open Champion, 2017 British Professional Champion, 2017 European Professional Champion, 2017 UK Open Champion
engCraig Brown
walCraig Marsh2014 European Professional Champion, 2016 English Professional Champion, 2016 European Open Champion, 2016 World Series South Africa Champion, 2017 World Professional Champion
walCurtis Lee
engDaniel Davy2016 Welsh Open Champion
engDarren McVicar
engDavid Addinall
engGareth Hibbott2014 Scottish Professional Champion, 2016 British Open Champion, 2016 English Open Champion, 2016 World Professional Champion, 2016 World Series NI Champion, 2017 World Seniors Champion
nirGary Clarke
engGavin Robinson
engGreg Batten
engHarry Irwin
engJack Whelan2015 Professional World Champion
engJamie Clarke
engJason Rimington2014 European Open Champion
engJimmy Carney
engJon McAllister2016 European Professional Champion, 2018 Scottish Open Champion
walJordan Shepherd2015 British Open Champion, 2015 European Professional Champion, 2018 English Professional Champion
engKev Barton
walKristian Phillips
engLee Wray
scoLiam Dunster2017 World Series France Champion
walLuke Sanges
engLuke Wrigglesworth
engMarc Farnsworth2015 British Professional Champion, 2015 English Professional Champion, 2015 European Open Champion, 2016 Scottish Open Champion, 2016 Scottish Professional Champion, 2017 English Professional Champion, 2017 Welsh Professional Champion
scoMarc Fleming
engMarc Pickworth
scoMark Boyle2017 English Open Champion, 2017 Welsh Open Champion, 2018 Scottish Professional Champion
engMichael Oliver
engMyles Deleuse
engNathan Bridges
engNeil Raybone2015 English Open Champion, 2018 English Open Champion
walNicky Griffiths
scoPaul Harkness
engPhil Parkin
nirRab Fee
engRob Donkin2017 European Open Champion
nirRonan McCarthy2016 Welsh Professional Champion, 2017 British Open Champion, 2018 Welsh Professional Champion
scoRoss Fernie
scoRyan Fleming
walSimon Ward2015 Scottish Professional Champion, 2015 Welsh Professional Champion, 2016 British Professional Champion, 2016 World Series Gibraltar Champion, 2016 World Series Norway Champion, 2018 Welsh Open Champion
engSimon Webb
engStephen Thompson
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