IPA Re-brand

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After 21 years, the famous IPA logo has finally come of age and received a well-earned makeover.

Following another very successful season in terms of development, we felt it was important that the logo was updated to positively reflect the transformation of the IPA, it’s increasing exposure, importance in the World of cue sports, and expected growth for 2015 and beyond.

Our colleagues at Design Movement have refreshed the logo, adapting the original yet bringing it up to date with a more modern feel, reflecting the new, ambitious and evolving IPA, a different outlook with a different badge. A revamped version of the IPA website is also being planned for late January, making it more user friendly, easier to navigate, and even more informative.

IPA Chairman Kev Barton commented “The original logo is synonymous with Professional Pool, but the time is right to create a new, modern identity for the years ahead. The change is a logical step in our progression and gives us a basis to continue to expand over the next phase of our development –  it demonstrates that we are an innovative Association, and committed to producing quality events, for the benefit of our members and the sport in general.”

“We are absolutely delighted with the work Design Movement have done, which makes the transformation from old to new a seamless one. The re-brand and the coming launch of a new version of the website mirrors our ambitions and shows once again how we have evolved into a dynamic association over the last couple of years.”


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