IPA Partnership with TheRacker.co.uk

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The IPA is delighted to announce its new partnership with theracker.co.uk that will result in the IPA using the superb new “Racker” triangles at all their future events, starting with the IPA World Championships in February 2018 in Bradford.

These unique professional triangles, with their precision engineered, lightweight sturdy design, and spring-loaded bar, guarantee a tight rack every time, ensuring the players have the best opportunity to pot the balls from the break.

IPA Chairman Kevin Barton commented “We all know how important the break shot is, and using the “Racker” triangle ensures we continue to provide the best equipment possible for our players at all of our events. We look forward to working with Gareth and Josh at TheRacker.co.uk over the coming years”.

Joshua Yates – Designer and manufacturer says “I have been designing and making these products for the last few years and I am thrilled to finally see these being given their big chance. It’s taken many different revisions and tweaks to perfect the triangle, but I am proud to be able to hand make these in the UK to now be used by the best pool players in the World.”

Gareth Aries – Sales and marketing expert says “It has taken many months to be able to push these triangles forward and get them the recognition they deserve. I feel honoured to be the person who has dealt with such a great organisation as the IPA and I can’t wait to work together with them over the coming years.”

The Racker Team Closing Statement – “As a team, we strive to provide the best products on the market and we are fortunate to be given the opportunity to prove this. We will continue developing new products but most importantly, we hope to continue building a strong and healthy partnership with the IPA.”

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