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IPA press release


The driving force of global pool – the IPA (www.ipapool.com), and the broadcast leaders in free to air sport – Freesports (www.freesports.tv), are delighted to announce the development of new playing arena, new live televised events for 2018, and the confirmation of the 2019 live television schedule.


The new, high quality arena which has been commissioned by Freesports and will be constructed by the IPA, will be unveiled on finals night of the current Champions Cup, which is televised live every Monday from 7pm.

In addition, the new Premier League will commence on Wednesday nights, live on Freesports, starting in mid-July and for a period of 13 weeks. It will see the elite Professionals going head to head in a unique format that will be sure to deliver exciting and dramatic blackball pool of the very highest quality.

Freesports will also be screening the inaugural World Masters, which will feature all the Professionals as they do battle to take home this prestigious title, so leave your calendars free in November for that one.

And we can also announce that the World Championships, Champions Cup, Premier League and Masters events will also be televised LIVE on Freesports during 2019.

IPA Chairman Kevin Barton said “We are absolutely delighted to build and expand our partnership with Freesports, and the development of the arena and the new events are the next steps in our continued growth. With the support of Freesports regarding the new arena, we are ensuring that not one unnecessary penny of entry fees is being taken away from the prize fund and with the new events, the profile of the IPA and its players will be raised to completely new levels. We can’t wait to unveil the new arena and are really looking forward to working with Freesports over the coming months and years.”

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