IPA events and Simonis

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The IPA is delighted to announce that it will be using the powder blue Simonis 861 cloth for the 2017 season, starting with the upcoming World Championships. The cloth, which has been specifically designed for blackball, will give the sport its own unique identity, bringing the image into the 21st century with its modern look, as well as moving away from the ‘small snooker’ image, which has hindered its marketing potential for years.

imagesFICGQQ4SFrom a player’s perspective, the cloth is more ‘grippy’ which means a wider range of shots can be played compared to a napped cloth. Being nap free also ensures no roll offs (from finger marks) and it plays at a higher, consistent level for longer.

It’s ideal for club owners also, with its spill resistant coating to help those accidents that sometimes happen, requires no ironing (just brushing), and lasts at least as long, if not longer, than its napped counterpart.

IPA Chairman Kevin Barton said “we are delighted that we are finally able to introduce the Simonis 861 to all our events following the success of using it for the World Series events in 2016.  This a major transformation for the sport we all love but absolutely the right change to make on so many levels. This is a huge step forward for blackball and we are hopeful that very soon, all major blackball events will be played using this cloth. Further announcements relating to this will be made in the coming weeks”


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