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The Supreme Winner pool tables are fantastic tables, used in many tournaments including the IPA championships for their sturdiness, high quality and smooth game play.

These tables are really popular in pubs and bars all over the country. The quality of build makes them sturdy and hardwearing and will endure heavy use. The playing surface is made from genuine Italian slate, giving consistent gameplay.

The Supreme Winner’s quality is clear to see as they are endorsed by Aramith, who manufacture top quality billiard balls, and Strachen, who provide high grade 6811 West of England pool cloth. These tables are also finished with smart looking chromed metal corner pieces embossed with the Supreme logo, further reinforcing their branding.

Made in the UK by Heywood Pool and Snooker to impeccable standards, the Supreme Winners utilise a one piece genuine 3/4” Italian slate bed playing surface for a high grade game and are available in 6ft, 7ft and 8ft sizes to fit the size of room. The 7ft version is by far the most popular, as this size is the one used in competitive play from local leagues all the way up to the IPA Championships.

They come in a large range of high quality laminate finishes from black, white, aluminium and marble, to a whole range of fantastic looking wood finishes. With this variety of finishes and a huge range of tournament grade cloth colours you can find a pool table to match any setting whether in a home or commercial environment.

Many prospective buyers looking for a pool table for their home, loved playing on the Supreme Winners in a pub environment so much that they want this table in their own home. For this reason the Winner is available in freeplay or with a coin-mechanism depending on it’s intended use.

If you are thinking of getting the Supreme Winner table for a home or commercial environment it is by far the best table in it’s price range available. To pay just over £700 for a  tournament standard pool table is a really good buy, and the fact that they are used for all the main championship events is a huge testament to their quality and great gameplay.

Home Leisure Direct are the UK’s No.1 pool table retailer and the Supreme Winner is their best selling pool table. They get great feedback from home and commercial customers as well as pool organisations such as the IPA.

Home Leisure Direct provide a full range of finishes and cloth colours to make your pool table look fantastic in any environment and also have a great range of licensed cloths including Jack Daniel’s and many football clubs which are often fitted to Supreme Winner tables.

They have the largest showrooms in the UK, so if you would like to pay them a visit you can view the Winner and also over 25 other pool tables at their Bristol location. There are also over 150 cues in stock and available for you to try, to ensure you select the right one to suit you. If this all starts to hammer the wallet a little too hard then low rate finance is available for you to spread the cost.


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