2018 IPA Ladies Event Formats

How it works

Over the 5 tour stops
16 player round robin
Every player plays all opponents once over the season
3 matches per tour stop
I point per frame won for rankings
£1 per frame won in prize money

At each tour

16 players are put into 4 groups of 4
Group winners progress to Tour SF’s
• Group winners will be whoever wins most frames
• Group winners will be decided on count back and/or playoff in the case of a tie
Straight knockout Race to 6
Frames do not count towards rankings or league prize money
Separate prize money for tour winners

Finances without sponsorship

16 X £200 = £3200
£1 a frame won cost total £1200 (24 matches a tour stop 10 frames per match)
Leaves £2000
£400 prize fund per tour stop

General rules

• To preserve the integrity of the league Reserve list will be in place @£50 per event
• If a tour player cannot make a tour due to extenuating circumstances a reserve will be put in her place for that tour only as a direct replacement for that tour only
• Reserves will keep points won and be added to ranking system and original tour players will maintain 15 matches over the season
• £50 Non refundable deposit to be paid by 31st Jan 2018 to secure place. £50 to be paid by first tour, £100 Balance by Tour2
• Ladies do not have to stay in main hotel
• Ladies section is a standalone event. Ladies are also welcome to enter IPA Amateur and Open Events

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