2018 IPA Tour Information

Welcome to the 2018 IPA Tour which we think will be our best yet. We have put together this information sheet to assist both new and existing players, as we have put some new procedures in place to ensure the smooth running of the events throughout the season.

Tour Fees

Should all be paid by Tour 1 (Pros Tour 2)

Payments due for Tour 1, should be made online no later than 2 days prior to the start of the event.

The payment structure is as follows:       

  31st Oct 17   31st Dec 17   Tour 1   Tour 2
Professionals £150   £300   £300   £190
Amateurs £150   £150   £180    
Age 18 £150   £100   £100    
Ladies/Juniors £150   £100    £50    

Deposits are non-refundable (Except those who paid before details released)

Entry includes ticket to Annual Awards ceremony at Tour 2

All fees are due even if you do not attend all the events. The flex system is not in place for 2018.

If you cannot make an event, please inform the Treasurer at treasurer@ipapool.com at least 2 weeks before the start of the event.


Event Dates


Hotel Fees

Bookings can be made well in advance of the event via the IPA shop, and must be paid for at the same time, otherwise the booking is void. Cash will not be accepted at the events. All bookings should be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the event, at which point the online system will be closed. Bookings will not be accepted outside of the shop system.


All players have to stay at the venue and book via the IPA shop. Mitigation is allowed for players living close to the venue, but you must inform the IPA if you are doing so, a minimum of 2 weeks before the event. Failure to do so will result in you not being included in the draws.

A second ‘overflow’ venue may be used when necessary. Rooms at the host venue are allocated on a first come, first served basis, although may depend on the mix of rooms allocated to the IPA.

Bookings cannot be changed less than 2 weeks before an event. No refunds will be given unless in exceptional circumstances.

Room rates:

Twin/Double  - £48pppn

Single - £69pppn



Links to the draws will be emailed out 10 days before the start of the event. Any queries relating to the draws, please contact our Tournament Director Paul Bebb on td@ipapool.com. IPA Tours are 3 full days of action, with start times around 10.00am on the Friday, with an expected finish time of 8pm on the Sunday. Matches may commence earlier than advertised with prior agreement with the Tournament Director.

Prize funds

We aim to pay out within 7-10 days of the completion of the event. All payments are made via online banking so we will require your account details where appropriate. For all matters concerning fees and payment, please contact our Treasurer James Hanney at treasurer@ipapool.com

Winner £2,700   £2,000   £1,200
Runner Up £1,300   £1,000   £600
Semi Final £650   £500   £300
Quarter Final £300   £250   £150
Last 16 £150   £100   £100
Last 32 £50      


Polo Tops

These can be collected at Tour 1. Additional polos can be purchased via the IPA shop.

Whilst players are not ‘forced’ to wear this polo when playing, they must have a polo top that displays the IPA logo on either of the front left or right breast area. Any player not displaying the IPA logo correctly will have to forfeit their match.

Standards of behaviour

The IPA is the premier place for pool, and our events are held in the highest regard. We expect all players to conduct themselves appropriately at all times, especially during matches. Bad behaviour will be severely dealt with, through either a fine, or suspension from the Tour.

Personal sponsor logos

These are permitted on a common sense basis. We do not have a set rule for the amount or size of personal sponsor logos, but anything deemed unsuitable or in conflict with IPA sponsors will not be permitted. If unsure, please check with the IPA Secretary at secretary@ipapool.com

Tablet scoring

The IPA uses a system of live scoring via tablets, which are located adjacent to each table. It is imperative that these are updated immediately after a frame has finished. Deliberate failure to do so will result in possible disciplinary action.

Additional events

Where possible, we will hold additional events. These will usually take place on Friday & Saturday evenings after the official matches have concluded. We will also try to hold some on the Thursday evenings, subject to demand and the completion of the table/lights set up.


From time to time we will be selling our Pro cup balls and supreme tables. For more information please contact Louis at tabletech@ipapool.com


If you have any queries regarding advertising on the IPA website/Live Stream/Arena etc, or are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact the Chairman Kevin Barton at chairman@ipapool.com


Social Media

We do ask players to share all posts that we put out on the IPA Facebook page. It only takes a second and can provide huge benefits to the IPA in terms of increased awareness, higher profile etc.

Got a question….? Ask our Players Representatives – Dan Davy or Simon Webb at playersrep@ipapool.com

Our aim is make your IPA weekend one to remember. If you think we can improve it, please let us know.


  1. Pay your fees on time
  2. Book your Hotels on time
  3. Ensure you use the tablet scoring system appropriately
  4. Adhere to the betting rules
  5. Ensure your contact details are up to date


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