Shot of the Year – Win an exclusive IPA Jason Owen break cue

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Here is your chance to win a World famous Jason Owen break cue, made exclusively for the IPA by the king of the cue makers himself. The specially designed lightweight cue allows for faster acceleration to be achieved, which in turn results in more momentum from the cue ball, and a cleaner faster strike. Coupled with the carbon ferrule, a premium layered tip and the equal weight distribution of the cue, this combination can only result in one thing – a bigger break for the same amount of energy. It is now regularly used by the biggest names in the sport, including IPA World Champion Jack Whelan, IPA Tour Number 1 Neil Raybone and 2015 Player of the season candidate Marc Farnsworth and is gaining in popularity tour on tour, so order yours here unless you are the lucky winner, of course! Jason Owen commented,” I played on the IPA tour for the 2015 season and can say with first hand experience that the IPA team are absolutely pushing pool forward with commitment, enthusiasm, hard work and most importantly, vision. All this has created a tour which has every player literally “buzzing” for pool. You only have to look at the early planning for the already over-subscribed 2016 Tour for proof and I will be supporting the IPA World Championships and the Tour for the foreseeable future. Why - because it’s the only way forward for pool, and the best chance the sport has of a great future” To be in with a chance of taking home this unique and sought after prize, all you have to do is to vote for your shot of the year from the 6 shots we have selected from the 2015 season: The winner will then be selected from those whose vote agrees with the judges, with the closing date for entries of 11pm on Monday the 1st February, and the winner announced at the World Championship Opening Ceremony on the 3rd of February at the Bradford Hotel, so they can use it at the tournament if they so wish!

Shot of the year 2015
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