Iwan Simonis World Series

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Sean Trivass writes The IPA is delighted to announce details of its ground breaking and innovative new event – the Simonis World Series. Working with our partner Simonis, we will be jetting both Professional and Amateur pool players around the world, showcasing their talents to a new, wider audience. The event formats will include Professional, Team and Open singles competitions, providing the overseas players and pool enthusiasts with the opportunity to watch and compete against the very best players from the IPA. The World Series demonstrates the continued development of the sport by the IPA, working in collaboration with its Blackball partners around the world, and promises to be both exciting and compelling, giving every pool player the chance to be a part of history. Iwan Simonis Commercial Director Bernard Bollette said “The IPA, being the only official recognised Professional body for "small table" pool and running a successful event series every year touring the UK plus the Professional World Championships, it is an evidence for Simonis as the world leader in the manufacture of the highest quality billiard cloth that the IPA is the right and best partner for developing and innovating Blackball. After two successful collaborations where the IPA and Simonis have created a stand alone competition for Professional players only, named the "Last man standing"at the Brighton Tour event in 2014 and 2015, IPA and Simonis have decided to move into top gear and to join their efforts in an innovative international new event, the Simonis World Series. For this specific event Simonis has decided to develop a specific worsted Blackball cloth, Simonis 861. "Simonis is delighted to team up with IPA for the continued development of exciting Blackball events to be staged around the world”. Event Overview | IPA Event Calendar | Enter the World Series Qualifiers | Simonis Home Page | Simons 861 Cloth DetailsSimonis Last Man Standing Want to know what the Simonis cloth is like and watch top IPA professionals play on it and then hear their opinions?